Property Tax Advisory Group, Inc. (PTAG) is a national organization whose focus is helping companies and institutions increase profits by reducing the burden of personal property and/or real estate taxes. Our professionals are nationally and state certified and work in each state where there is an assessing jurisdiction.

Personal property tax is an area in which overpayment to the state and county tax collectors is the rule rather than the exception. Property tax overpayments are often the result of understaffed accounting departments racing to meet tax filing deadlines and hurriedly submitting reports without the advantage of knowing many of the property tax regulations. Additionally, taxing authorities who process these reports are also pressed to meet deadlines. They have little or no time to correct taxpayer renditions that are not taking full advantage of the tax codes and regulations.

Personal Property Taxes are imposed on capital machinery, furniture, equipment and other tangible assets.

Real Estate Taxes are those which are imposed by the county on physical land, buildings and improvements.

Personal Property Tax Compliance Services

In addition to real and personal property tax cost reduction services, PTAG also offers personal property tax compliance services in order to reduce company’s internal expenses to file multiple personal property returns; and to ensure total property tax compliance.

Many companies and institutions today outsource administrative functions such as property tax management, which are required of your business but create a burden on your time, staff and payroll costs.

Property Tax Advisory Group is committed to helping you boost your bottom line by maintaining complete control of your property tax expense, with minimal time commitment on your part. We offer you the opportunity to place this entire process in the hands of professionals who perform these services as their core business, so that you can concentrate on yours.