Frequently Asked Questions


Personal property tax is a tax imposed in many jurisdictions on machinery, furniture and equipment used in conducting and operating a business. Many taxpayers think this is a fixed expense; however, often the tax burden can be minimized with the help of an expert who’s knowledgeable of specific tax codes.

No. Your accountant is an expert in preparing your financial statements and business tax returns. Property tax compliance and appeals require a different expertise.

Allow us to perform a free analysis to determine if your current methodology is appropriate, or if you can further your tax savings over the future life of an asset.

PTAG performs a complete review of the assessing jurisdiction’s data on your property as well as the property specific data to identify errors in the assessor’s methodology.  PTAG then prepares and presents a complete evidence package in support of a reduced value.

To perform our analysis, we only need financial items that you already have prepared.  PTAG will handle all additional steps in the process.  PTAG”s compensation is based solely on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no fee to you if you do not receive a benefit.

PTAG utilizes a cost reduction approach, while most other consultants focus simply on compliance.  Often we are engaged to conduct a “second review” of other consultant’s filings and are able to identify additional savings due to our unique approach.

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