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PTAG’s team delivered excellent results representing a multi-billion-dollar data center in the review and appeal of their personal property assessment. PTAG began their review after their internal and outside consultants completed their personal property rendition. Based on PTAG’s unique approach of cost segregation of the taxable and nontaxable components of the equipment, PTAG was successful in producing a significant tax reduction which will be compounded over the life of their assets.

Case Study 1

Casino Tax Savings

PTAG represented a Midwest casino on the appeal of their current valuation. Although the costs to build the casino far exceeded the current valuation, PTAG was successful in showing that cost does not equal value and therefore overvalued. Furthermore, given the recent downturn in attendance of entertainment facilities, PTAG developed an economic factor which negatively impacted the valuation of the real estate resulting in tax savings of over 32%.

Case Study 2

Purchase Price Does Not Equal Value

PTAG represented a special use property which was recently purchased by an investor. Soon after purchase, the tenant moved out and the building was left vacant. The assessor felt the recent purchase price was indicative of market value and the investor paid a price reflective of the high risk. PTAG filed an appeal. Our real estate team of state and nationally certified appraisers proved the value was excessive and successfully reduced the appraised value from the purchase price which resulted in tax savings of over 40%.

Case Study 3

Identification of a Double Assessment

PTAG represented a large software company in the northwest. After a detail review of their values, it was determined the assessor was duplicating leasehold improvement values on the real and personal property assessments which resulted in several years of over valuations. A formal appeal was filed which resulted in tax savings of over 26%.

Typical Assessor Errors

The County

estimating a higher

net operating income than your property is producing


the physical condition

of your property

Not  Accounting

for a recent sale price

or appraisal on your property.

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