Real Estate
Tax Reduction

Analyzing property data to identify opportunities to save on taxes

About Real Estate Tax Reduction

PTAG starts our real property tax review by collecting all of the assessing jurisdiction’s data on your property. We then review the financial data and physical characteristics of your specific property to identify if the assessor has made any errors which require an appeal.


PTAG will then notify you if we feel the assessor has made an error or if their assessment of your property is reasonable. If we feel an appeal is warranted, PTAG will file the appeal on your behalf as your authorized agent, prepare a complete evidence package to be presented and attend the appeal hearing to present the case for a reduced market value.

Assessor’s Commonly Made Errors

The County

estimating a higher

net operating income than your property is producing


the physical condition

of your property

Not Accounting

for a recent sale price

or appraisal on your property.

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