Reduce Real Estate Taxes…Increase Profitability

Step ONE

Initial Property Data Gathering:

  • Obtain property data questionnaire
  • Review individual property characteristics
  • Gather and review market data

Step TWO

Appeal Analysis:

  • Site Inspections
  • Prepare appraisal analysis*
    • Cost approach
    • Income approach
    • Market approach
  • Develop market value conclusion
  • Compare PTAG’s market value to assessor’s market value to determine if an appeal is warranted.

*All approaches may not be warranted.


Appeal Level Proceedings*

  • Informal hearing with assessor’s staff
  • Presentation to local board of equalization
  • Presentation to state level appeal
  • Presentation to judicial courts

*All levels of appeals may not be warranted

*Appeal proceedings may vary between states.


Provide client with supporting documentation of results.